Spotlight on English Reader's Theater

Spotlight on English Reader’s Theater is the ideal literacy intervention resource for developing readers through theater and role-play! It combines reading selections with elements of performance, appealing to students’ sense of play—sparking their interest and encouraging them to engage with the text!
• Script incorporates narration, character dialogue, and stage directions.
• Students “act out” the script by reading aloud, following the teacher’s modeling.
• Songs and music help engage students and develop oral fluency!

  • Audio CD
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Vocabulary


Role Play
Allow your student to express their reading and oral fluency by acting out scripts
Theme related vocabulary using the frontload vocabulary approach helps students gain batter vocabulary development skills
Reading Comprehension
A fun way to improve reading comprehension is through the use of music by having students interpret lyrics


Putting on a play using Spotlight on English Reader’s Theater is a lively way to get students to participate, without them realizing their knowledge is expanding along the way. They will be so immersed in the action they will not want to stop. 

Student Book

Teacher’s Edition with Audio CD and Blackline Master CD

Vocabulary Photo-Card Kit

Classroom Kit

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Product Details
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