Taller de escritores, 3rd Edition

Available Fall 2020

Help advanced students become better writers both in and out of class with a unique approach to teaching Spanish composition. Each lesson begins with an engaging reading selection that serves as a springboard both for discussion and for compositional analysis.



The online, interactive student edition textbook. Easy to navigate with searchable table of contents and page-number browsing, the vText provides seamless transitions from the text to the interactive activities and assessments.
News and Cultural Updates
Provides current, real-world connections to language and culture via authentic articles and videos, and includes pre-, during, and post-reading and viewing activities.
Advanced Literary Review
Annotated readings, including a mix of fiction and nonfiction selections, introduce the genre featured in each lesson and serve as a springboard for discussion and compositional analysis. Engaging post-reading activities focus on comprehension, form, and composition style.
Taller de escritura
Process-oriented writing workshops in each lesson provide the necessary framework to be a successful writer, with clear, concise presentations, student models, and step-by-step support for writing assignments, including tips on editing and peer review.
Heritage Speaker Support
The spelling and punctuation component provides additional support to improve the writing skills of heritage speakers. The lexical section in the Taller de lengua strand presents topics that address the needs of students of Hispanic origin.
En síntesis
New online-only workshops feature auto-graded activities, practice, and writing prompts based on high-interest, authentic materials.

Taller de escritores Supersite

For Students

The Supersite is our easy-to-use, integrated platform specially built to support language learning. Students use the Supersite to access a digital version of their textbook, to complete practice activities, watch videos, listen to audio, take assessments, access a range of resource tools, and more.

  • vText—the online Student Edition
  • Live communication practice
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  • Engaging & original media
  • Cultural content
For Teachers

With integrated content, comprehensive resources, and innovative tools, the Supersite provides everything you need to engage students and support language learning.

  • Grading tools & gradebook
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  • Advanced feedback on student work
  • Supplemental resources
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Product Details

Product Details
Copyright Year 2021
Authors Paula Cañón
Lessons 6
Edition 3
Pages 272