Temas para Español B

Vista Higher Learning is proud to present Temas para Español B, an integrated print and digital resource developed specifically for the new IB Language B 2018 syllabus. With In-depth coverage of all five prescribed themes and recommended topics, prominent linkages to TOK and CAS, and source materials from across the Spanish-speaking world, you’ll have everything you need to tailor instruction to your Spanish B course.

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The online, interactive student edition textbook. Easy to navigate with searchable table of contents and page-number browsing, the vText provides seamless transitions from the text to the interactive activities and assessments.
Superior digital platform designed exclusively for language learning (NOT built for other subjects and then retrofitted for language)
Written for IB
In-depth coverage of all five prescribed themes and recommended topics with embedded tie-ins to TOK and CAS throughout
Authentic Content
Varied and expansive range of personal, professional, and mass media text, audio, and audio/visual types in print and online
All-in-one Support
Support for grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation appropriate for Spanish B students—including activities and online tools to practice the new listening comprehension and Extended Essay assessments

Temas para Español B Supersite

Learn more about Temas para Español B Supersite
For Students

The Supersite is our easy-to-use, integrated platform—specially built to support language learning. You’ll visit the Supersite to complete homework, practice Spanish, communicate with your class, and find all your scores. The Supersite includes:

  • vText - the online student edition
  • Live communication practice
  • Interactive activities
  • Engaging & original media
  • Cultural content
For Teachers

The Supersite is built for easy course management and allows you and your students to focus on language learning. Supplement in-class time by accessing your:

  • Grading tools & gradebook
  • Advanced feedback on student work
  • Supplemental resources
  • Custom activities & content

Product Details

Product Details
Copyright Year 2020
Authors Parthena Dragget | Cole Conlin | Max Ehrsam | Elizabeth Millán