Trabajadores de la comunidad / Community Helpers

Grades PreK-1

8 Titles: 4 in English and 4 in Spanish

This series introduces readers to some of the great workers that live and work in their community, including librarians and firefighters. Each book follows a relatable narrator as they encounter a community helper. Readers will learn what the community helper does to help others, and what their job looks like day to day. Beginning readers will find these books to be accessible and fun, while younger children may discover the stories as they are read aloud. This series acquaints readers with their own community, while expanding their knowledge of the many careers that keep their community going.

Series Titles*
Bomberos al rescate
El bibliotecario nos lee cuentos
Mi visita al dentista
Visita al veterinario
Firefighters to the Rescue
My Visit to the Dentist
Pets at the Vet
Story Time with Our Librarian
*Substitutions to titles in Libraries will be made as needed.

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Product Details
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