Grades K-5

This three-level French-language program for children between 7 and 10 years old (grades 2-4). With its playful, clear, and spiraled in its progression, Zigzag+ takes into account the psych cognitive development and learning capabilities of young students. Students join Félix, a young blogger, as he travels throughout the French-speaking world chronicling his interactions with numerous friends including Lila, the friendly and greedy “Madame Bouba,” “Tilou” the wolf, “Pic Pic” the hedgehog, and “Pirouette” the owl.


A multi-sensory, interdisciplinary, and intercultural approach designed around collaborative and communicative tasks
Each level is spiraled around six formative units of three lessons
All include engaging readings, projects, and videos of native French-speaking children
Teacher Guides with lesson plans available for each volume
Safe digital environment
With its uncluttered interface, innovative tools, and seamless textbook-technology integration, the program Supersite will help you reach students and build their love of language learning in a safe digital space. Also includes everything teachers need to plan, teach, and assess all in one place.
Companion Reading Series
Get your elementary French students reading with one or both of these two companion literature collections—Lecture Decouverte and Pause Lecture Facile. Both include original works of French fiction and international literature; explanatory notes, and guided activities.

Additional Information

Lecture Decouverte

Level 1

Chiens et chats (Dogs and Cats)

L’arc-en-ciel (The Rainbow)

JoJo 2e 

Level 2

Marée noire (Oil Spill)

Folie d’ours (Bear Madness) 

Level 3

Trésor de guerre (Treasure of War)

Au secours (Help)


Pause Lecture Facile

Top Secret

A la recherche de Julie (Looking for Julie)

Vol à Giverny (Flight to Giverny) 

Product Details

Product Details
Copyright Year 2018
Authors Hélène Vanthier