Spanish Online: Portales

A clear path to true language learning. What Portales users are saying…

Develop and teach a Spanish language course aligned to your instructional goals.

Easy-to-use technology for planning, teaching, assessing, and connecting.

Deliver rich, interactive experiences to keep your
 students engaged and on task.

Language learning that works with your students’ real lives.

Keep the details on track with powerful and easy-to-use management tools.

Stay focused on teaching—

not administration.

Try Portales yourself.

Introductory Spanish:
Available Fall 2015

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Ready-made course templates
Based on Vistas, 5th Edition content, with options to suit your teaching approach
Customization tools
For adapting course settings, lessons covered, grading preferences, and more
Personalized content
Create your own activities and assessments and add your notes to content
Instant communication
Use video to connect with students—via a chat interface or adding video to your course
Quick course setup
Assign an entire semester's work in minutes and fine tune for your needs—anytime
Course management
Stay on track of student progress with flexible gradebook and grading tools
Loose-Leaf text
Flexible format for fully online, hybrid, or face-to-face courses
Virtual companion text for student reference, accessible from within Portales
Logical learning progression
Presented in clear steps—from low stakes practice through to assessment—to keep students on track
  • Explore:

    Initial presentations of that section’s material

  • Learn:

    Interactive tutorials and self-paced study

  • Practice:

    Focused activities that elicit more concrete production

  • Communicate:

    Practice for presentational, interpretive, interpersonal modes of communication, utilizing tools like video and audio

  • Self-check:

    Practice quizzes and tests to help students check their understanding before taking assessments

  • Assessment:

    Quizzes and tests that evaluate student performance

Student engagement
Interactive learning content in manageable pieces
Student support
Progress indicators throughout activities and an easy to use help request system