TEA PROCLAMATION 2019 K-5 Spanish Language Arts Reading

Texas teachers, welcome to Vista Higher Learning—your partner in Spanish Language Arts education. We understand the unique needs of Texas students. Explore the wide range of authentic K–6 Spanish-language solutions below.

Literacy Resources

Descubre el español
Antologías (K–5)

eLearning Center Resources

Collection of authentic leveled stories by renowned authors from the Spanish-speaking world includes fiction and nonfiction selections followed by reading comprehension, phonics, vocabulary, spelling, and writing activities. Additional resources provide phonics, vocabulary, and literacy support.

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Entre letras (1–5)

Balanced Literacy Resources

Supplemental reading program supports balanced literacy. It engages students with short readings from all over the world, presents a range of text types, provides reading strategies that support reading comprehension, and includes writing workshops.

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Caramelo (K)

Integrated Early Literacy Resources

Complete grade K solution integrates early literacy with mathematics and other curriculum areas, such as the arts, and practices social-emotional skills. The organization and structure are practical and easily adapted to suit varying classroom settings.

Cuenta cuentos (preK–K)

Early Literacy Resources

Three-level grade K–1 early literacy program provides the building blocks to develop reading and writing comprehension skills. Comprehensive teacher’s guide provides practical point-of-use teaching tips and strategies.

A+ Spanish Literacy Kits (K–5)

Fiction and nonfiction titles,
lesson plans, and activities

K–5 Spanish Literacy Kits offer a balanced library of high-quality Spanish language titles—informational and literary—with standards-based lesson plans.

  • Authentic works in various genres (folktales, narrative, poetry, biographies, and drama) and levels of text complexity
  • Science and Social Studies texts
  • Array of classic and contemporary literature

A+ Spanish Literacy Kits Website
A+ Spanish Literacy Kits Brochure

A+ Spanish Poetry Kits (K–8)

Authentic titles, poetry manual,
and activities

K–8 Spanish Poetry Kits include rhyming stories, riddles and tongue-twisters, narrative, verse fable, prose poetry, epic, and satirical poetry, among other subgenres—with activities that address the national language standards, including those for poetry.

  • Authentic literature from around the Spanish-speaking world
  • Dozens of poetry books, spanning many subgenres
  • Award-winning authors and illustrators

A+ Spanish Poetry Kits Website
A+ Spanish Poetry Kits Brochure

A+ Spanish Science Literacy Kits (K–5)

Content-rich titles, teacher notes,
and activities

K–5 Spanish Science Literacy Kits include an array of nonfiction and fiction titles aligned to national language arts and science standards—each with teacher notes and activities designed to help students develop science literacy!

  • Titles align to themes of Next Generation Science Standards in the four major domains: physical sciences, life sciences, earth and space sciences, engineering, technology and applications of science.
  • Teacher notes support instruction with Tier II vocabulary, pre-, during-, and after-reading activities, science connections project, writing activity, and more.
  • Activities help students develop science literacy with vocabulary and comprehension activities.

A+ Spanish Science Literacy Kits Brochure

Reading and Language Arts Program

Espiral del saber (1–5)

Early Literacy Resources

K–5 Spanish language arts program provides a balanced literacy approach that allows for multiple opportunities for learning, practice, and reinforcement through reading and writing workshops, as well as grammar and interdisciplinary connections.

Texas SLAR Correlation

Español Yabisí (K–6)

eLearning Center Resources

Spanish Language Arts program teaches language arts through a balanced literacy approach, strengthening critical-thinking skills through high-interest readings and activities.

  • Immediate online application through interactive activities
  • Fosters a love for reading through fiction and nonfiction selections from the Hispanic world
  • Presents current language and grammatical rules according to the Real Academia Española (Royal Spanish Academy)

A+ Yabisí Brochure
Yabisí Correlation to TEKS

Phonics, Spelling, and Grammar Resources

La cartilla Phonics Kit (K–1)

This comprehensive phonics program supports Spanish literacy development with phonemic awareness, phonics, and vocabulary development lessons and activities.

  • Initial sounds and letter formation
  • Letter recognition and auditory discrimination
  • Vowel and consonant review
  • Blending

La cartilla Brochure

Entre palabras (1–6)

Make spelling and grammar practice fun for students. This series of activity books for grades K–5 builds spelling and grammar skills through a variety of high-interest activities—crossword puzzles, word-picture matching, word search puzzles, and many more!

  • Provides plenty of spelling and grammar practice and review
  • Helps develop writing skills
  • Connections to content-areas
  • Presents current language and grammatical rules according to the Real Academia

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