Reimagine Language Learning | James Mitchell, Cheryl Tano

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With Portails, you’ll get quality, well-tested curricula and easy-to-use management tools to help you deliver an effective introductory French course—regardless of format. Portails provides students with a dynamic hands-on learning environment and instructors with a broad linguistic and cultural sequence for delivering an engaging, language-learning experience.

For instructors

  • Set up your course in minutes with easy-to-use customization tools that allow you to design an engaging learning environment for your students.
  • Personalize and enhance the learning experience for your students by adding your own instructor-created content.
  • Track student performance with real-time grades and feedback—all from the convenience of your Instructor Dashboard.
  • Administer customizable quizzes and tests that assess your students’ progress throughout the course.
  • Reserve valuable face-to-face meetings for meaningful, communicative language practice.

For students

  • Logical learning progression makes it easy for students to independently interact with new material.
  • Explore and Learn activities engage students, so they can actively learn in a low-stakes environment.
  • Interactive Vocabulary Tutorials in the target language feature a cyclical learning sequence that optimizes comprehension and retention.
  • Speech Recognition provides real-time feedback to students, giving them an opportunity to reflect on their language patterns and increasing their awareness of pronunciation.
  • Guided Grammar Tutorials with interspersed formative assessments keep students on track and ensure comprehension.
  • Ongoing formative and summative assessments enable students to accurately gauge their performance every step of the way.