AP® Summer Institutes

Thank you for choosing our materials for your APSI workshops! Join us next spring when we re-open requests for APSI materials.

We ask that institute directors and workshop leaders adhere to the following policies in order to help us provide the best support for AP® workshops:

  • Requests for materials should be made at least two weeks prior to the workshop start date.
  • In exchange for providing free materials, we ask that you provide a roster of your workshop participants. Please submit the completed attendee form and return via email to [email protected] at the conclusion of the workshop.

Materials for participants

Want to make sure that workshop participants also have access?  Please send them this link:



Learn more about the programs that support AP® teachers and students

AP® Spanish Language and Culture

Learn more about Temas and the AP® Worktext:

AP® Spanish Literature and Culture

Learn more about Intrigas—new for the 3rd edition with a special online-only supplement for AP® Literature and Culture: Suplemento literario.

AP® French Language and Culture

Learn more about our NEW edition of Thèmes:

AP® German Language and Culture

Learn more about Denk mal!

AP® Italian Language and Culture

Learn more about Immagina:

Looking for materials that specifically support your pre-AP® students?

Any questions—we’re here for you.

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*French and Spanish only

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