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Easter Around the World

Dyeing eggs, Bunnies, egg hunts, and Peeps. We have plenty of Easter traditions in the U.S., but how do other countries celebrate? Look no further! Find out how cities in Spain, Italy, the Philippines, and more celebrate this joyous spring holiday.

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2014 CODiE Awards

We are honored to announce that the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) has selected Aventuras Chat Features to be a finalist in the Best Collaboration Solution for Students category in the 2014 CODiE Awards.

This category recognizes the best online system designed to provide social learning, collaboration, or education community support for PK-12 or postsecondary students. Aventuras Chat Features offer more opportunities for spoken production, beyond the face-to-face classroom—via live video Partner Chat and simulated Virtual Chat—helping students feel more confident when they speak. These features are integrated into the Supersite and provide a recorded portfolio of students’ spoken work that can be easily graded by the instructor. To learn more about Chat features, visit