AP® French Language and Culture Exam Preparation

Language and Culture Exam Preparation

With complete coverage of each testing format, this is the perfect test prep complement to any AP® French program. Includes high-quality, accessible, and authentic print and audio resources; explicit skill-building test-taking strategies for each activity type; a robust online learning environment; and a full-length online practice exam.

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The perfect complement to any AP® French course

The worktext provides the tools and tips students need to be successful on exam day:

  • Step-by-step practice for the AP® French Language and Culture Exam
  • Test-taking strategies for each activity type on the exam
  • A full-length, assignable practice exam that mimics the look and feel of the exam
  • Authentic readings, audio clips, and graphs
  • Virtual Chats for communication practice

Digital at your fingertips

Experience the AP® French Supersite, an unparalleled digital learning environment with integrated content, resources, and tools built exclusively to support language learning.

  • Everything you need to plan, teach, and assess
  • Customizable course settings
  • Grading tools and gradebook
  • All activities in the print worktext are online
  • Complete sample exam
  • All audio recordings and readings
  • Strategies for all activity types

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