Aproximaciones al estudio de la literatura hispánica, 8th Edition

Al estudio de la literatura hispánica

Aproximaciones al estudio de la literatura hispánica, 8th Edition, offers the undergraduate Spanish student—major or nonmajor—a basic yet comprehensive introduction to literary analysis.

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What sets this program apart?

Aproximaciones is designed to teach students basic skills in literary analysis through readings in Spanish and Spanish-American literature and a variety of exercises. The book is set up in such a way that the individual instructors can develop their own ways of choosing and presenting the materials.

All literary readings are audio-recorded by native speakers, with audio sync that highlights each sentence or paragraph as the audio plays. This is available on mobile devices as easily as listening to an audio book.

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Digital at your fingertips

The Supersite is our easy-to-use digital platform, fully integrated with the student textbook and built exclusively to support language learning.

Students visit the Supersite to complete their homework, practice Spanish, and communicate with their class. Instructors rely on the Supersite for powerful course management, allowing you and your students to focus on language learning.

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    Edward H. Friedman, L. Teresa Valdivieso (late), Carmelo Virgillo (late)
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For students

  • Student Edition textbook (loose-leaf)
  • Supersite Plus with vText—the online, interactive student edition

For instructors

  • Instructor Supersite with assessment program, assignment calendar, and additional instructor resources
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