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Language, Literacy, Content Grades 1–6

Connect with English is a comprehensive, standards-based 1-6 English language development program created for English learners and striving readers. This powerful print and digital solution develops academic language and literacy skills through content-driven lessons that address varying proficiency needs.

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What to expect from Connect with English

Connect with English builds language and reading proficiency through engaging, research-driven lessons and activities, and a variety of print and digital classroom resources that provide the right level of support and plenty of motivation.

  • Ensures proficiency in vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking, writing, and grammar skills
  • Promotes academic language development and writing skills
  • Engages with motivating literary texts and informational texts in science, social studies, math, and the arts
  • Helps students access grade-level content and prepares them for mainstream classes
  • Aligns with the following standards: WIDA, CA ELD, TX TEKS, CCSS (ELA and Math), NGSS (Science), NCSS (Social Studies), and CEFR (ELT/International)

Explore the Connect with English digital experience

The Connect with English Supersite includes a variety of resources to make learning fun and interactive.

  • Interactive Student Books with embedded audio/video, interactive tutorials, and a wealth of practice activities with automatic feedback
  • Thematic eReaders (two readers per unit/sixteen readers per level) with audio synchronization and vocabulary highlighting and pronunciation
  • Additional online teacher resources to project: teacher guide lessons, poems, and more
  • Assessment program to evaluate progress
  • Parent resources, including letters in multiple languages

Product details

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For Students

  • Student Book
  • Practice Book
  • Thematic readers (two readers per unit)

For Teachers

  • Teacher’s Edition
  • Vocabulary Cards
  • Assessment program
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