Conversaciones escritas, 3rd Edition

Available for spring 2023 Lectura y redacción en contexto
This textbook takes a fresh approach to writing for both second‐language learners and heritage speakers. It draws from best practices in native English language arts composition, second‐language writing, and heritage speaker pedagogy, resulting in a complete program that develops Spanish language proficiency, general academic writing, and knowledge of contemporary social issues.
What sets this program apart?

Each chapter contains a minimum of two readings presenting different aspects of a particular debate on topics. With the help of engaging essays and practice exercises that closely reflect the thematic content of chapters, the heart of this text deals with contemporary cultural and community topics.

Conversaciones escritas is also designed for heritage speaker courses. Programs with heritage speakers of stronger proficiency can use Conversaciones escritas in introductory level heritage speaker courses, while programs with large numbers of third-generation and/or less proficient Spanish speakers can use it in more advanced coursework.

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