Crescendo! 3rd Edition

An Intermediate Italian Program

Building on the success of earlier editions, the main goal of the Third Edition is to encourage students’ active and creative use of Italian in meaningful communication. To promote this goal, Crescendo! reviews and expands on all important grammatical structures and supports the acquisition of vocabulary while stressing the use of Italian in meaningful contexts. Chapters are thematically organized; the vocabulary and grammar reinforce students’ ability to express their thoughts on the featured topics.

What sets this program apart?

Crescendo! Third Edition is a comprehensive intermediate Italian program designed to build proficiency in all four language skills and to expand students’ knowledge of Italy and Italian culture.

Product details

  • Author
    Francesca Italiano, Irene Marchegiani
  • Lessons
    12 chapters
  • Published

For students

  • Student Edition

For instructors

  • Instructor's Annotated Edition (IAE)
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