Experiencias, 2nd Edition

Beginning Spanish

Experiencias is a research-informed and articulated program designed for beginning learners. With a learner-centered and task-focused approach, and an emphasis on communication, this program embraces the diversity of student experiences. Discover this new edition, featuring contemporary content to build intercultural competence. Engage in a rewarding and relevant learning journey with a wide variety of activities and cutting-edge online tools.

Available July 2024

What sets Experiencias Beginning apart?

Second Language Acquisition Research in Action

The authors have developed this program based on SLA research and their own classroom experience. Vocabulary is presented in smaller contextualized groupings utilizing comprehensible input and inductive approaches, asking students to make inferences.

Reduced Grammar Scope

Through a reduced grammar scope, a concentration on high-frequency language, and a communicative structure reinforced by intentional recycling, students are set to succeed and develop their language proficiency.

Authentic Learning Supported by Backward Design

Experiencias applies backward design principles to create learning experiences that focus on what your students will be able to accomplish with the language. Experiencias also increase intercultural competence through personal connection. In each chapter, students meet a new person from the country of focus. These new friends introduce students to their countries with a special focus on the products, practices, and perspectives.


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 Digital at your fingertips

Experience the Experiencias Supersite, an unparalleled digital learning environment with integrated content, resources, and tools built exclusively to support language learning.

  • Everything you need to plan, teach, and assess
  • Practice activities with auto-grading and immediate feedback
  • Plenty of authentic and cultural media
  • Robust assessment program
  • Communication tools to get students talking: Partner Chats and Group Chats
  • Animated Grammar Tutorials
  • Audiosync readings
  • News and Cultural Updates

Product details

  • Author
    Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco, Gregory L. Thompson, Alan V. Brown, Kathy Barton
  • Lessons
  • Published

For students

  • Student Edition textbook
  • Supersite with online-only activities and vText—the online, interactive student edition
  • WebSAM (Student Activities Manual)
  • Three engaging video features 
    • El canal de Lucas Vlog
    • Intercambiemos perspectivas Video
    • Panorama cultural Videos
  • Mini online review modules

For instructors

  • Print and digital Instructor’s Annotated Edition with teaching suggestions and annotations
  • Instructor Supersite with testing program, assignment calendar, and additional instructor resources
  • NEW online tools:
    • Assignable IPAs, Proyectos, Info-Gap activities, and Question Bank
    • Partner and Group Chats
    • News and Cultural Updates
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