El mosaico estadounidense: La inmigración hoy en día

Grades 3–6 12 titles; titles; 6 in English and 6 in Spanish
Each volume explores a different facet of the immigration experience, from the history of immigration to the legal considerations of forging a new life in the United States. Students are encouraged to examine the meaning of citizenship and the important role immigration continues to play in the U.S.
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Series titles

  • El camino a la ciudadanía
  • Inmigrantes famosos y sus historias
  • Los derechos de los inmigrantes; los derechos de los ciudadanos
  • Los inmigrantes indocumentados
  • Los refugiados
  • Primera generación de estadounidenses
  • Famous Immigrants and Their Stories
  • First-Generation Americans
  • Immigrants' Rights, Citizens' Rights
  • Refugees
  • The Path to Citizenship
  • Undocumented Immigrants

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