Get Ready! Elementary

Grades 1–3, 4–6

Get Ready! Sail and Soar are the newest, most comprehensive programs for elementary newcomers and beginning proficiency students. The curriculum is built for linguistically and culturally diverse learners, leveraging the assets they bring into the classroom and addressing social and academic language needs.

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What to expect with Get Ready! Sail and Soar

Get Ready! Sail, for students in grades 1–3, and Get Ready! Soar, for students in grades 4–6, offer a curriculum written exclusively for younger English learners who are identified as newcomers or as students at beginning, entering, or emerging levels.

  • Includes an array of communication activities, as well as literary and informational lessons in language arts, science, social studies, math, music, and art
  • Builds proficiency in all language skill areas: vocabulary, phonics, reading, listening, speaking, writing, and grammar
  • Offers concrete strategies for helping teachers meet the needs of ELs and striving readers across the range of abilities, within and across proficiency levels and language domains
  • Includes highly visual presentations and activities that help students access grade-level content and prepare them for mainstream classes
  • Aligns with the following standards: WIDA, CA ELD, TX TEKS, CCSS (ELA and Math), NGSS (Science), and NCSS (Social Studies)

Explore the Get Ready! digital experience

The Get Ready! Supersite is an unparalleled digital learning environment with integrated content, resources, and tools built exclusively to support language learning. Students have hundreds of program-specific, thematically based, and carefully scaffolded practice activities right at their fingertips, while teachers have all their resources in one convenient place.

  • Interactive Student Book with embedded audio, video, activities, vocabulary, phonics and grammar tutorials, virtual chats, and more!
  • Interactive Practice Book
  • Online Teacher Edition
  • Online gradebook to track student and class progress
  • Assessment program
  • School-to-home letters in multiple languages

For Students

  • Student Edition
  • Practice Book
  • Thematic leveled readers
  • Readers with decodability

For Teachers

  • Teacher’s Edition
  • Assessment program
  • Vocabulary cards
  • Leveled readers Teacher Guide
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