Aventuras, 6th Edition

Available fall 2021

Aventuras focuses on culture and communication, with a reduced amount of vocabulary and grammar presented to students in each lesson. The brand new Fotonovela video brings context to the lesson themes, along with other integrated video segments throughout the program.

Aventuras helps students connect to the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Learn more!


New Fotonovela Video

The new Aventuras Fotonovela presents the adventures of a group of friends in Madrid, Spain. You’ll follow them through some of the greatest natural and cultural treasures of the Spanish-speaking world, as well as the highs and lows of everyday life. Watch an episode!

Speech Recognition

Included in Pronunciación tutorials and the Refuerzo de vocabulario activity, speech recognition analyzes student production in real-time and objectively determines whether a student knows the word. It provides feedback that helps students reflect on their language patterns and increases awareness of their pronunciation.

Vocabulary Tutorials

Lesson vocabulary words are grouped thematically in new tutorials. Each term comes with audio, an image, and an English translation.

Communicative Goals

Culturally relevant Communicative Goals at the start of every lesson with accompanying Can-Do Statements at the end of the lesson let students know what they will be able to do in Spanish as they progress through the program.

Cultural Integration

Cultural examples and references throughout Aventuras provide rich context to the language students learn. New Panorama cultural videos provide visuals for one or more of the paragraphs in each Aventuras en los países hispanos section.

Supplemental Resources

Additional resources enhance the presentation, practice, assessment, and accessibility of Aventuras content. Included are audio and video scripts, lab and testing audio, presentation slides, an activity pack, and much more—all hosted on the Supersite.

For Students

The Supersite is our easy-to-use, integrated platform—specially built to support language learning. You’ll visit the Supersite to complete homework, practice Spanish, communicate with your class, and find all your scores. The Supersite makes it a cinch for students to track due dates, save work, and access all assignments and resources, including:

Video Virtual Chat and Partner Chat activities for student communication practice
Authentic video and audio so that students hear how language is used by native speakers
Interactive practice activities serve as a bridge for students to access content and create habitual strategies for developing biliteracy skills
vText, the online Student Edition, is included with all student digital access

For Instructors

The Supersite is built for easy course management and allows you and your students to focus on language learning. Deliver a hybrid or online learning experience, or supplement in-class time, with the premier site for teaching languages!

Set-Up Ease: Customize your course and section settings, create your own grading categories, plus copy previous settings to save time
All-in-One Gradebook: Add your own activities or use the grade adjustment tool for a true, cumulative grade
Grading Options: Choose to grade student-by-student, question-by-question, or spot check. Plus, give targeted feedback via in-line editing and voice comments
Accessible Student Data: Conveniently share information one-on-one, or issue class reports in the formats that best fit you and your department

For Students 

Student Edition

Student Activities Manual (Workbook/Video Manual/Lab Manual)

  • The Workbook contains the workbook activities for each textbook lesson.
  • The Video Manual contains activities for the Aventuras Video, and pre-, while-, and post-viewing activities for the Flash cultura Video.
  • The Lab Manual contains lab activities for each textbook lesson for use with the Lab Audio Program.

Supersite Plus with vText
Included with the purchase of every new student edition, the Supersite gives you access to a wide variety of interactive activities for each strand of every lesson of the student text, including auto-graded activities for extra practice with vocabulary, grammar, video, and cultural content; reference tools. The vText provides students with a digital text, plus interactive links to all activities and media.

Online version of the Student Activities Manual (Workbook/Video Manual/Lab Manual)

For Instructors

Instructor’s Annotated Edition (IAE)

Instructor Supersite
In addition to access to the student site, the password-protected instructor site offers a robust course management system that allows instructors to assign and track student progress, as well as instructor resources including the Textbook and Lab Audioscripts, Spanish and English videoscripts, Supplementary
Vocabulary lists, and Answer Keys.

Activity Pack
The Aventuras Activity Pack offers discrete and communicative practice for individuals, pairs, and groups. Formats include multiple-choice questions, information gap activities, task-based activities, and more.

Video Programs
Aventuras, Flash cultura, Panorama cultural, and Videoclip video programs are available on the Supersite.

Testing Program
The Testing Program includes quizzes, tests, and exams that can be assigned on the Supersite or be edited and printed.

  • Vocabulary minipruebas (2 versions for each lesson)
  • Grammar minipruebas per lesson (2 versions for each grammar point)
  • Lesson Tests – 4 versions for each lesson
  • Multi-lesson exams – 2 versions for each exam

Product Details

Product Details
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