Face-à-face, 3rd Edition

Face-à-Face offers a magazine-like format that integrates a variety of media and activities designed to engage advanced French students. The program offers outstanding quality and diversity in reading selections: essays, novels (excerpts), stories, poems, and articles and provides opportunities to review grammar and continue to develop writing skills.


News and Cultural Updates
Provides current, real-world connections to language and culture via authentic articles and videos, and includes pre-, during, and post-reading and viewing activities.
Courts métrages
Face-à-face showcases the work of contemporary filmmakers from the French-speaking world. The films offer entertaining and thought-provoking opportunities to build your listening comprehension skills and your cultural knowledge of the French-speaking world.
A wealth of reading selections in various genres serve as a springboard for conversation. A brief biography presents key facts about the author, as well as a historical and cultural context for the reading.
Bande Dessinée
Comic strips that offer clever, thought-provoking insights into the lesson themes—with an activity sequence that reflects the interpretive, interpersonal, and presentation modes of communication.

Face-à-face Supersite

For Students

With a focus on building proficiency, the Supersite provides students with a safe, engaging place to connect their own lives with the authentic, contemporary language and culture of the target language.

  • Vocabulary Tools
  • Literary readings
  • Responsive, accessible design
  • Chat activities
For Instructors

With integrated content, comprehensive resources, and innovative tools, the Supersite provides everything you need to engage students and support language learning.

  • Customizable Course Settings
  • Gradebook
  • Time-saving tools
  • Instructors Resources
  • Online Assessment

Additional Information

Product Details

Product Details
Copyright Year 2021
Authors Françoise Ghillebaert
Lessons 6
Edition 3
Semesters 1
Pages 238