Perspectivas, 1st Edition

A Cultural Approach

Available Fall 2021

Perspectivas offers a unique focus on the cultural perspectives of the Spanish-speaking world using authentic content throughout the program. Documentary films, authentic audio, and dozens of readings expose students to the target language and culture from a native speakers' point of view.

See how Perspectivas helps your students build intercultural understanding!


Documentary films

In Perspectivas, documentary films provide glimpses into the products, practices, and perspectives of the culture of the lesson’s country or region of focus and its particular variety of Spanish.

Literary texts

Students have an opportunity to learn and appreciate the cultural perspectives woven into rich and authentic literary texts from around the Spanish-speaking world in Perspectivas.

Authentic audio

Students have access to a variety of authentic audio materials from radio shows to podcasts. Pre-listening and listening activities activate background knowledge and provide students with strategies to help them understand and process the audio and focus on the key content in the material.

Integrated reading and video

The Artículo section features two readings: the first being an authentic article written by a native speaker of Spanish for native speakers of Spanish. The second Artículo features a leveled, hybrid reading that integrates text with related, authentic video clips.

News and Cultural Updates

Provides current, real-world connections to language and culture via authentic articles and videos, and includes pre-, during, and post-reading and viewing activities.

Cultural approach

Every section of every lesson of Perspectivas aligns with the principles of the ACTFL 21st-century classroom. Today’s language classroom can only adhere to these principles if students interact with the perspectives of other cultures by examining them through the filter of their own culture.

For Students

The Supersite is our easy-to-use, integrated platform—specially built to support language learning. You’ll visit the Supersite to complete homework, practice Spanish, communicate with your class, and find all your scores. The Supersite makes it a cinch for students to track due dates, save work, and access all assignments and resources, including:

Video Virtual Chat and Partner Chat activities for student communication practice
Authentic video and audio so that students hear how language is used by native speakers
Interactive practice activities serve as a bridge for students to access content and create habitual strategies for developing biliteracy skills
vText, the online Student Edition, is included with all student digital access

For Instructors

The Supersite is built for easy course management and allows you and your students to focus on language learning. Deliver a hybrid or online learning experience, or supplement in-class time, with the premier site for teaching languages!

Set-Up Ease: Customize your course and section settings, create your own grading categories, plus copy previous settings to save time.
All-in-One Gradebook: Add your own activities or use the grade adjustment tool for a true, cumulative grade.
Grading Options: Choose to grade student-by-student, question-by-question, or spot check. Plus, give targeted feedback via in-line editing and voice comments.
Accessible Student Data: Conveniently share information one-on-one, or issue class reports in the formats that best fit you and your department.

For Students 

Student Edition

Student Activities Manual (Workbook/Video Manual/Lab Manual)

  • The Workbook contains the workbook activities for each textbook lesson.
  • The Lab Manual activities focus on building your pronunciation and listening comprehension skills in Spanish.

Supersite Plus with vText
Included with the purchase of every new student edition, the Supersite gives you access to a wide variety of interactive activities for each strand of every lesson of the student text, including auto-graded activities for extra practice with vocabulary, grammar, video, and cultural content; reference tools; the Artículo video clips; the short documentaries; News and Cultural Updates; the Textbook and Lab Program MP3 files, and more.

Completely integrated with the Perspectivas Supersite, the WebSAM provides access to online Workbook and Lab Manual activities with instant feedback and grading for select activities.

For Instructors

Instructor’s Annotated Edition (IAE)

Instructor Supersite
In addition to full access to the student Supersite, the password-protected instructor Supersite offers a robust course management system that allows you to assign and track student progress.

Instructor Resources
Other resources available on the Supersite include a sample syllabus and a sample lesson plan; grammar slides; audioscripts for the Video Virtual Chats, Textbook, and Lab Audio Program; videoscripts and translations for the Documental short documentaries, Artículo video clips, and Grammar Tutorials; teaching suggestions for certain textbook strands; and the Student Activities Manual (SAM) Answer Key.

Teaching Tools
These instructor components provide additional support to round out your efforts to develop students’ intercultural analysis and communication skills: “I Can” Worksheets, ACTFL World Readiness Standards, and Intercultural Communication Reflection Tool.

Testing Program
The Testing Program includes vocabulary and grammar quizzes (Minipruebas), cumulative lesson tests (Pruebas), and cumulative mid-term and final exams (Exámenes) that can be assigned on the Supersite or be edited and printed. Testing materials also include oral testing, answer keys, audioscripts, and MP3 files for listening activities.

Product Details

Product Details
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