La cartilla, 2nd Edition

Four-part workbook series; two per grade Grades K–1

La cartilla is a powerful print and digital Spanish-language phonics system for grades K–1 that follows a structured literacy approach. This comprehensive, standards-based solution is designed to engage young readers as they build foundational literacy skills, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills.

What to expect with La cartilla

La cartilla is an ideal early literacy resource for any Spanish language arts program.

  • Features a wide variety of teacher/classroom resources that motivate young readers, from phonics books, flashcards, and games to an enrichment library of Spanish-language trade books
  • Supports students throughout their reading-readiness journey with a four-part workbook series and interactive online activities
  • Follows a systematic sequence to build phonics skills
  • Includes digital student licenses and teacher resources that enhance whole group, small group, and individual instruction, including big book and phonics readers with audio synchronization and highlighting

La cartilla Digital Experience

The La cartilla digital resources include a variety of tools to make learning fun and interactive:

  • Interactive digital resources enhance whole-group, small-group and individual instruction, including big book and phonics readers with audio synchronization and highlighting
  • Teacher online resources include: online Teacher Edition, interactive resources with embedded audio and video, online gradebook to track student and class progress, access to assessment program.
  • Student online resources include: lessons and activities with embedded audio/video, letter and handwriting tutorials, practice activities and games, animated songs, decodable eReaders with audio synchronization and vocabulary highlighting and pronunciation, and more!

Level K

Students build essential early literacy skills to become successful readers.

  • Phonemic awareness and auditory discrimination
  • Recognition of initial sounds in words
  • Connecting sounds to letters and syllables
  • Letter recognition and letter formation
  • Blending sounds into syllables and words

Level 1

  • Phonemic awareness and auditory discrimination
  • Sound and syllable identification
  • Word recognition and decoding in context
  • Writing syllables and words
  • Reading comprehension of simple stories
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