Leer en español Series

Spanish-language Leveled Readers

This authentic fiction series of Spanish-language leveled literature readers includes action thrillers, mysteries, fantasy tales, and adaptations of literary masterpieces from Latin America and Spain, including Marienela, Lazarillos de Tormes, Don Quijote de la Mancha, among others.

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Develop literacy skills in the secondary world language classroom, right from the start.

  • Seven levels of difficulty allow for vocabulary and grammar structures to be introduced gradually
  • Before-, during, and after-reading activities provide support and develop comprehension and literary analysis skills
  • Attractive illustrations, games activities, and maps engage students and provide additional context
  • Audio and glossary of key vocabulary support comprehension

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Series includes over 30 titles divided into seven levels of difficulty.

  • Introductory level (Spanish 1): Less than 300 words; Simple sentence structure, cognates, present and preterite tenses
  • Level 1 (Spanish 2): Less than 400 words; Simple sentence structure; present, preterite perfect, and imperfect tenses
  • Level 2 (Spanish 2): Less than 700 words; Present, present progressive, preterite, perfect, and imperfect tenses
  • Level 3 (Spanish 3): Less than 1,000 words; All tenses and subjunctive mode
  • Level 4-6 (Spanish 4): 1,500, 2,000, and 2,500 words, respectively; All tenses and subjunctive mode

For students

  • Leveled Readers
  • Supplemental Audio CD with readings & listening activities
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