Letras de Hispanoamérica

Nueva antología de la literatura de las Américas

Advanced-level Spanish students will get a glimpse into centuries of Latin American literature with Letras de Hispanoamérica. The texts included in Letras de Hispanoamérica span twelve centuries, with a focus on authors from pre-Hispanic to contemporary times.

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What sets this program apart?

Letras de Hispanoamérica: Nueva antología de la literatura de las Américas is a comprehensive anthology presenting the written texts that form part of the literature and history of Spanish-speaking America.

Each chapter of Letras is preceded by an in-depth overview of the main literary themes and socio-historical dimensions of the period. A graphic timeline outlines the period’s most relevant historical and literary events in an easy-to-follow format. The individual author biographies include a list of works, followed by selected texts.

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    Julio Ortega, Gustavo Pellón, Martín Gaspar
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  • Student Edition textbook (hardcover)
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