Libros que abrazan

Grades K–5 5 Titles
This new authentic Spanish-language multi-level series—consisting of engaging, and beautifully illustrated stories that reflect on everyday-life, challenging situations, such as a missing pet, parental divorce, bullying, autism, etc.—brings a social-emotional message that will help children cope with a range of uncomfortable emotions and make the right choices when facing difficult situations

Bring authentic Spanish-language titles into your classroom

  • Award-winning Ecuadorian author María Fernanda Heredia has a gift for communicating with young readers in a deep and touching way
  • Tender, emotional-appealing illustrations
  • Picture Books (Recommended for Grades K–2)
  • Chapter Books (Recommended for Grades 3–5)

Series includes 5 Spanish-language titles

  • El hormiguero (Grades K–3)
  • Hay un lugar (Grades K–3)
  • Yo no te olvido, Choco (K–3)
  • Juan y Yun tienen un plan (Grades 3–5)
  • Un perro verde con antenas (Grades 3–5)
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