Descubre el español Grades K–5

¡Listos! is a print and digital solution that makes learning Spanish a cultural adventure. Students travel to twenty countries and explore the language and culture through meaningful activities that foster communication and engagement. ¡Listos! supports all students, from beginners to heritage speakers.

What to expect with ¡Listos!

Learning Spanish with ¡Listos! is a fun and rewarding experience.

  • Culture is the backdrop of the entire series, contextualizing language learning
  • Students explore language and culture through the integrated, explicit presentation of the ACTFL World Language Standards
  • Each level has a compelling storyline that introduces students to engaging characters who travel to eight Spanish-speaking countries in each student book
  • Students explore twenty Spanish-speaking countries in levels A–F and learn about the local people, places, cultures, foods, animals—and of course, the language!

Explore the ¡Listos! digital experience

The ¡Listos! Supersite includes a variety of resources to make learning fun and interactive:

  • Student SmartBook with embedded audio/video, vocabulary tutorials, and a wealth of practice activities with instant feedback
  • Online Practice Book
  • Animated Virtual Chats
  • Thematic library eReaders
  • Phonics eReaders
  • Teacher SmartBook with easy access to teacher instructions
  • Online assessment
  • Online gradebook to track student and class progress
  • Teacher dashboard for easy class management

Product details

  • Published

For Students

  • Student Edition
  • Practice Book
  • Student anthology
  • Enrichment Library

For Teachers

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Assessment program
  • Thematic library
  • Photo card kit
  • Poster cutouts
  • Character cutouts
  • Language arts handbook
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