Más allá de las palabras 3rd Edition

Intermediate Spanish

Más allá de las palabras is a culture-based intermediate Spanish program, designed for use at the third and fourth semesters of college study that integrates language skills with subject matter.

What sets this program apart?

The title Más allá de las palabras, or Beyond Words, reflects the primary goal of this program: to ensure a smooth transition from the practical knowledge of the Spanish language necessary for daily tasks to a deeper understanding of the cultures of the Hispanic world, taking students beyond the classroom.





Product details

  • Author
    Olga Gallego Smith, Concepción B. Godev, Mary Jane Kelley
  • Lessons
    10 chapters
  • Published

For students

  • Student Edition
  • Activities Manual
  • Canto Site

For instructors

  • Instructor Annotated Edition
  • Canto Site
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