Portales 2.0: Introductory Spanish

Portales 2.0 puts students first by providing valuable opportunities for them to practice and explore the target language. Our progression of content breaks down lessons into manageable portions and guides students through the active learning steps that are required to learn a new language. Using Portales 2.0, students build a strong foundation for language development, both in and out of class.

What sets this program apart?

Portales deepens and enhances the student learning experience with its unique progression of interactive instructional activities, personalized diagnostics, and groundbreaking language learning technology such as speech recognition. The learning activities are designed to keep students engaged every step of the way with dynamic vocabulary tutorials in the target language, interactive grammar tutorials, and culturally rich videos.

New in this edition:

A Project-Focused learning track which incorporates a theme-based project into every lesson

Group Chat and Individual Recording Activities that allow single or multiple students to record a video production exercise

Fotonovela videos that follow a group of students living in Spain and explore both language and relationships in an engaging way

84 Panorama cultural videos that put Spanish language in context from South America, to Central America, to Spain and beyond

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The Portales advantage

Portales includes a variety of features that streamline faculty work and give students direction to independently explore, practice, and gain comfort learning and practicing Spanish so that they are prepared for in-class conversation.

This new edition brings new activity types and online group work—among many other updates—so that students build their proficiency through practice and collaboration with their peers.

Product details

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    José A. Blanco
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For students

  • Student Edition textbook (loose-leaf)
  • Portales 2.0 access with vText—the online, interactive student edition
  • Online student workbook

For instructors

  • Instructor access with Online Instructor’s Edition, Assessment Builder, assignment calendar, and additional instructor resources
  • Learning tracks for face-to-face, online, hybrid, high beginner, and new project-focused course setup
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