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Vista Higher Learning is dedicated to providing global learning solutions for students around the world.

Our focus is on creating the highest-quality integrated print and digital solutions that meet the needs of all language learners—those learning a new language, improving a second language, or perfecting their native language.

Our Team

Multi-cultural and multi-lingual, we are diverse and committed to language and literacy.

Support and Service

We’re there when you need us—with easy-to-access customer service and technology support.


Informing and educating, providing a place where educators’ voices can be shared and heard.

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Technology with a purpose

Our digital platform focuses on adding value where it counts. It makes teaching easier, builds confidence and proficiency, engages through interactive media, and is safe and accessible to all.

New English Teaching Learning Programs


A new, comprehensive standards based English language development program with a focus on communication, literacy, and academic content.

  • Focus on literacy
  • Aligned with standards
  • Academic language content
  • Digital support

Get Ready! Sail/Soar

Published in two volumes, this comprehensive program is built for beginning proficiency students and the unique challenges they face.

  • For true beginners
  • Rich with multimedia
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Academic language content


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