Puertas al sol / Gateways to the Sun

Best-selling series by award-winning authors Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy Grades K–6 | 23 Titles
This striking series highlights the tenacity and the achievement of Hispanic culture, fostering an appreciation and respect for Latinos and their contributions to society. From poetry and art to theater and biographies, students discover amazing people, stunning places, and beautiful works in each collection.
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Introduce students to authentic literary and informational texts and artwork from 21 countries

  • Poetry, art, theater, biography, language, and Hispanic lands titles develop social and cultural awareness.
  • Stunning books encourage students to read, discuss, analyze, and interpret, developing oral language, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and critical thinking skills.
  • Magnificently illustrated books captivate students with incredible illustrations, all creations of Hispanic illustrators and artists.
  • Lesson plans and activities for each book help students explore, creating cultural awareness and developing literacy skills.

Culturally rich series includes 23 authentic Spanish-language titles, divided into 6 collections

  • Art: Caballete, Brocha y pincel, Azul y verde, Lienzo y papel
  • Poetry: Mambrú, Pimpón, Chuchurumbé, Poemas
  • Biography: Pasos, Caminos, Voces, Sonrisas
  • Language: El nuevo hogar de los siete cabritos, Uno, dos, tres ¡Dime quién es!, Ratoncito Pérez, cartero; El nuevo hogar de los siete cabritos
  • Theater: Teatrín del Don Crispín, Teatro del gato Garabato, Tablado de Doña Rosita, Escenario de Polichinela
  • Hispanic Lands: En alas del cóndor, Ojos del jaguar, Vuelo del quetzal
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