Revista, 6th Edition

Conversación sin barreras

Featuring award-winning films, engaging literature, and clever comics, Revista is designed to focus on all modes of communication, and to support students as they become more comfortable with speaking Spanish.

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What sets this program apart?

Each short film aligns with the theme of the lesson, with a new interactive feature to make your students active learners while viewing. One Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) is now available for each film, asking students to interpret, discuss, and present their understanding of the authentic material.

Revista includes a wealth of readings by renowned literary figures, so your students will react to the diverse voices and styles in each lesson. Each Lectura includes audio-sync reading on the Supersite.

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Digital at your fingertips

The Supersite is our easy-to-use digital platform, fully integrated with the student textbook and built exclusively to support language learning.

Students visit the Supersite to complete their homework, practice Spanish, and communicate with their class. Instructors rely on the Supersite for powerful course management, allowing you and your students to focus on language learning.

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    José A. Blanco
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For students

  • Student Edition textbook (paperback or loose-leaf)
  • Supersite Plus with vText—the online, interactive student edition
  • WebSAM online student workbook

For instructors

  • Instructor Annotated Edition textbook
  • Instructor Supersite with Online Instructor’s Edition, testing program, assignment calendar, and additional instructor resources
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