AP® Spanish, 2nd Edition

With complete coverage of each testing format, this is the perfect test prep complement to any AP® program. Includes high-quality, accessible and authentic print and audio resources; explicit skill-building test-taking strategies for each activity type; a robust online learning environment (Supersite); and a full-length online practice exam.

    Authentic content

AP® Spanish Supersite

For Students

The Supersite is our easy-to-use, integrated platform—specially built to support language learning. You’ll visit the Supersite to complete homework, practice Spanish, communicate with your class, and find all your scores. The Supersite includes:

  • vText - the online student edition
  • Live communication practice
  • Interactive activities
  • Engaging & original media
  • Cultural content
For Teachers

The Supersite is built for easy course management and allows you and your students to focus on language learning. Supplement in-class time by accessing your:

  • Grading tools & gradebook
  • Advanced feedback on student work
  • Supplemental resources
  • Custom activities & content

Product Details

Product Details
Copyright Year 2020
Authors Jorge Frisancho, María T. Redman, Marta Lucía Restrepo Bravo
Lessons 7
Edition 2
Pages 248