This two-level program is a fun and interactive way for young children with little-to-no previous reading and writing knowledge to develop beginner’s level oral communication skills. Students will easily identify with the adventures of Clémentine, a mischievous and lively little girl, the twins Thomas and Gabi, and the dog Toto and cat Némo.


Playful environment
With many activities, comics, cartoons, and songs to supplement learning.
Linguistic models
Provides linguistic models in tune with the emotional maturity and cognitive development of young students.
Easily adaptable to each student’s level of understanding.
Student Book
Includes a multimedia DVD with supplementary songs and cartoons.
Graine de lecture Companion Reading Series

Series includes:
-Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
-Merlin l’Enchanteur
-Barbe Bleue
-Le Chat Botté

Safe digital environment
With its uncluttered interface, innovative tools, and seamless textbook-technology integration, the program Supersite will help you reach students and build their love of language learning in a safe digital space. Also includes everything teachers need to plan, teach, and assess all in one place.

Additional Information

Explore the Clémentine companion reading series—Graine de lecture—which includes four texts from French and international literature. Each reader includes:

• Adapted tales containing various comprehension activities throughout, including multiple-choice quizzes, hidden words, and word association exercises
• Answers available in the back of the book
• Guided lexicon included

Titles in the companion series:
• Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
Merlin l’Enchanteur
• Barbe Bleue
• Le Chat Botté

Product Details

Product Details
Copyright Year 2018
Authors Isabel Rubio, Emilio Ruiz