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Available for Fall 2021 classes

Context-based approach to language proficiency

Descubre is a comprehensive Spanish-language curriculum designed to get students ready for AP® Spanish in four years. Built to address today’s dynamic learning environment, the program immerses students in authentic Spanish language and culture experiences through text, video, audio, and online learning. The new edition retains the hallmark features and six-step instructional approach  that have made it a best seller, while adding a wealth of updated content and features that make it fresh and relevant for both teachers and students.


New storyline video
Brand new Fotonovela storyline videos—levels 1 and 2 are shot on location in Madrid, Spain, while level 3 takes place in Oaxaca, Mexico
Can-Dos and IPAs
Redesigned lesson openers with clearly labeled Essential Questions, Can Do Goals, and IPA contexts, as well as a cultural focus on products, practices, and perspectives
Six-step instructional design
Descubre is built around a research-based, proven instructional design. With a focus on personalization, authenticity, cultural immersion, and the seamless integration of text and technology, language learning comes to life in ways that are meaningful for every student.
News and Cultural Updates
Access monthly links to carefully curated, authentic resources from across the Spanish-speaking world. Enhance your classroom with authentic, culturally relevant sources and scaffolded activities for each selection.
Technology options
This new edition of Descubre is now available with two levels of technology—Supersite and PRIME. Choose the level that works for you and your students.
Enrichment libraries
A collection of trade books to expose students to different reading proficiency levels with rich and authentic content thematically related to the basal program.

Product Details

Product Details
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