Descubre el español Antología

Grades K-5

Descubre el español Antología readings accommodate students at various language proficiency levels with its collection of authentic stories from renowned authors of the Spanish-speaking world. For use with Descubre el español con Santillana or with any elementary Spanish-language program, these authentic literature collections feature various genres with accompanying reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and writing activities that make learning fun.
Genres include:
• Fiction
• Nonfiction
• Poetry
• Drama
• Multicultural readings

  • Authentic Content
  • Culture


Speaking and Listening Activities
Online interactive activities enhances oral communication skills with audios and a recording feature at point-of-use
Authentic culturally rich content, local customs, unique vocabulary and expressions, and regional highlights in every lesson connect students to the Spanish-speaking world
Enhances and enriches Descubre el español con Santillana but may be used with ANY Spanish program


Authentic leveled readings are specifically designed for heritage speakers! Each anthology includes eight units and a glossary. Each unit features three readings from different genres to accommodate the needs of heritage speakers at three different levels of language proficiency: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. 

Student Components

Student Edition 

Teacher Components

Teacher’s Editions 


Student Anthology Class Kit 


Enrichment Library 

Phonics Kits and Components (K-2):

Phonics Kits

Big Book Syllabic Library

Little Book Syllabic Library

Little Book Dipthong Library

Photo Card Kit with Image CD

Syllabic Game

Alphabet Game

Alphabet Picture Cards

Syllabic Flash Cards

Thematic Library Kits K-6

Thematic Library – Beginning

Thematic Library – Intermediate

Thematic Library – Advanced

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Product Details
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