Available for Fall 2021 classes

This new intermediate program invites students on a cultural journey through the diverse practices, products, and perspectives of all Spanish-speaking countries or regions. The goal: develop  communicative competence while challenging each student to think critically through personalized, real-world tasks focused on building intercultural competence.


Superior digital platform designed exclusively for language learning (NOT built for other subjects and then retrofitted for language)
Easy to navigate interactive Student Edition with searchable table of contents and page-number browsing
News and Cultural Updates
AP® theme-related News and Cultural Updates online tool features contemporary authentic video and reading selections supported by carefully scaffolded activities—updated monthly!
ACTFL standards
This new program is tightly aligned with the ACTFL World Readiness Standards and emphasizes all modes of communication, including intercultural communication.
Authentic content
Exposes students to authentic content of diverse genres such as documentary videos, informational articles and literature, and audio.
Thematic organization

All ten lessons of Perspectivas are organized around three overarching cultural themes: Costumbres y tradiciones, El entorno social, and Formas de expression.

Perspectivas Supersite

For Students

The Supersite provides students with a safe, engaging place to connect their own lives with the authentic, contemporary language and culture of the target language.

  • • Short documentaries, literary readings, and audio
  • • Grammar tutorials
  • • Synchronous and asynchronous chat activities
  • • News and Cultural Updates
  • • Vocabulary Tools
For Teachers

With integrated content, comprehensive resources, and innovative tools, the teacher portion of the Supersite provides everything you need to engage and support language learning.

  • • Customizable course settings
  • • Gradebook
  • • Time-saving tools
  • • Instructor resources
  • • Access to all audio and video

For Students 

Student Edition

Student Activities Manual (Workbook/Video Manual/Lab Manual)

  • The Workbook contains the workbook activities for each textbook lesson.
  • The Lab Manual activities focus on building your pronunciation and listening comprehension skills in Spanish.

Supersite Plus with vText
Included with the purchase of every new student edition, the Supersite gives you access to a wide variety of interactive activities for each strand of every lesson of the student text, including auto-graded activities for extra practice with vocabulary, grammar, video, and cultural content; reference tools; the Artículo video clips; the short documentaries; News and Cultural Updates; the Textbook and Lab Program MP3 files, and more.

Completely integrated with the Perspectivas Supersite, the WebSAM provides access to online Workbook and Lab Manual activities with instant feedback and grading for select activities.

For Instructors

Instructor’s Annotated Edition (IAE)

Instructor Supersite
In addition to full access to the student Supersite, the password-protected instructor Supersite offers a robust course management system that allows you to assign and track student progress.

Instructor Resources
Other resources available on the Supersite include a sample syllabus and a sample lesson plan; grammar slides; audioscripts for the Video Virtual Chats, Textbook, and Lab Audio Program; videoscripts and translations for the Documental short documentaries, Artículo video clips, and Grammar Tutorials; teaching suggestions for certain textbook strands; and the Student Activities Manual (SAM) Answer Key.

Teaching Tools
These instructor components provide additional support to round out your efforts to develop students’ intercultural analysis and communication skills: “I Can” Worksheets, ACTFL World Readiness Standards, and Intercultural Communication Reflection Tool.

Testing Program
The Testing Program includes vocabulary and grammar quizzes (Minipruebas), cumulative lesson tests (Pruebas), and cumulative mid-term and final exams (Exámenes) that can be assigned on the Supersite or be edited and printed. Testing materials also include oral testing, answer keys, audioscripts, and MP3 files for listening activities.

Product Details

Product Details
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