Thèmes, 2nd Edition

Available for Fall 2021 classes

Built from the ground up for the AP® French Language and Culture curriculum, Thèmes aligns perfectly with the AP® themes and recommended contexts. The second edition of this best-selling program continues a tradition that users have come to expect, while introducing new language learning tools and a wealth of updated authentic selections in a range of formats. This version reflects the 2019 Board Curriculum and Exam Description (CED).


Superior digital platform designed exclusively for language learning (NOT built for other subjects and then retrofitted for language)
Authentic Content
Varied and expansive range of personal, professional, and mass media text, audio, and audio/visual types in print and online—40% updated from first edition
Easy to navigate interactive Student Edition with searchable table of contents and page-number browsing
Online Assessment
Opportunities for formative and summative online assessment through the Supersite
News and Cultural Updates
AP® theme-related News and Cultural Updates online tool features contemporary authentic video and reading selections supported by carefully scaffolded activities—updated monthly!
Available with AP® French Test Prep

Package options mean you can purchase Thèmes, 2nd Edition with the new AP® French Language and Culture Exam Preparation worktext (print and/or digital).

Product Details

Product Details
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