Spanish Works!

College and career readiness program
Spanish Works! college and career readiness program develops students’ Spanish-language proficiency and helps them draw connections between areas of future study or work and the Spanish-speaking world. This workbook series enhances the cultural and linguistic contents of any Spanish program.
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Make cross-curricular connections

Spanish Works! is comprised of four levels, with each book containing four units that explore different aspects of a career area. Two modules also accompany each unit, providing in-depth understanding of one specific topic related to the field of study. Each level of these workbooks is broken into four modules:

  • STEM: Computer Programming, Engineering, Statistician, Financial Advisor
  • Business & Industry: Architect, Electrician, Entrepreneur, Graphic Artist, Veterinarian
  • Public Service: Educator, Detective, Lawyer, Military Officer, Paramedic, Social Worker
  • Arts & Humanities: Artist, Dance Teacher, Translator, Travel Guide

Features of Spanish Works!

Take your Spanish instruction to the next level as students see their language and cultural skills employed in their future area of interest.

  • Flexible: can be used with ANY Spanish program
  • IPAs: tasks and modules in each workbook may be used as performance-based assessments
  • Expansive: topics range from nutrition and music to civil engineering and human resources
  • 4Cs: aligned to ACTFL World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages
  • Also available: Spanish Works! enrichment libraries
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