Caroline Fay

Modern Language Associate

I had the privilege of being introduced to the Spanish language in elementary school through a vibrant and engaging teacher. Her enthusiasm for teaching and love of Spanish inspired me to continue learning the language through my middle school, high school, and college years, where I continued to be driven by equally passionate teachers.

While pursuing my degree in International Affairs and Spanish, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Madrid, Spain. I am forever grateful to the Madrileña who generously invited me into her home for a semester, and who encouraged me to practice speaking Spanish with humor and patience. Being able to use what I had learned to make connections, participate in conversations, and immerse myself in the local culture was an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

Working at Vista has allowed me to continue engaging with hard-working, inspiring, and impassioned language educators, and has allowed me to be surrounded with colleagues who strive to provide the highest quality programs and support to elevate the teaching and learning of languages to new heights.

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