Donna Marques

Higher Ed Associate Regional Manager

My passion for learning languages and cultures started from a very early age. I’ve traveled extensively throughout my life and continue to travel every free moment I get. I majored in Spanish language and literature and taught in the classroom and online for over 25 years. I’ve used Vista Higher Learning programs in my own classes and have seen my students gain language proficiency using these amazing course materials. Using VHL programs made me become a better teacher and I watched my students get more and more ‘hooked’ on learning languages. One of my main goals as a language educator is to inspire students to want to know more and VHL is my partner, creating the most up-to-date and cutting-edge language materials on the market.

Recently, I joined the VHL team to help spread the word and educate language professionals about this incredible company. I have never been surrounded by so many language-loving colleagues; it is a complete joy to call VHL my family! Everyone in this company is like-minded and understands the importance of instilling multi-cultural values in our future generations. I can’t wait to meet you and converse about our shared passion - languages!

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