Carolyn Gill

Global California Initiatives Manager

My curiosity for other cultures and languages started when I was a child. I recall going to Québec on a family trip when I was in second grade and was absolutely mesmerized with the beautiful sounds of the French language. Since then, learning languages and exploring new cultures have not only been passions of mine, but a way of life.

I studied in Seville, Spain as a college student and then returned after graduating college to teach English as a Second Language for four years. After a short stint as an international flight attendant, I found my way to the world of publishing. During my first tenure at Vista Higher Learning from 2001—2015, I studied abroad in Nice, France as well as Siena and Rome, Italy. I also completed my master of education during those years, and wrote my thesis on the impact of short, authentic film on students’ cultural competence. It was a pleasure to use VHL materials as the centerpiece of the project, and it was especially impactful as I learned first-hand (from students!) about the power of using authentic materials in the world language classroom.

I am thrilled to be part of Vista Higher Learning, and feel honored to have the opportunity to work with language educators in California.

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