Laurie Johnston

Language and Literacy Sales Specialist

The best part of learning a new language is that it’s a practical skill that is infinitely valuable for many careers and lifestyles. All aspects of commerce are globalized now, and knowing more than one language is not only beneficial for your brain; it’s become increasingly necessary—especially if you enjoy traveling, as I do, or conduct business abroad. Learning a new language becomes a bonding experience between people from different countries and cultures, and can lead to a better understanding of one another.

I’m very passionate about sharing a new way to learn a language. When I was a student, the curriculum we used focused mainly on memorization of vocabulary and phrases. We didn’t get much of a chance to learn about the cultures of the countries or hear a native speaker. When I joined VHL, I was drawn to how the focus is on creating ways for students and instructors to engage in a more personal, well-rounded manner.

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