Personalized and adaptive online learning for Spanish/English literacy success Grades K–8

Avanza/Boost is an adaptive, data-driven biliteracy solution built on the Science of Reading. It helps teachers identify literacy gaps in Spanish and English, track student progress, and provide targeted instruction and practice opportunities through phonics books, authentic texts, video lessons, quizzes, games, and more.

What to expect with Avanza and Boost?

  • Phonics course with online books, activities, and gamified assessments
  • Reading course with authentic texts, video lessons, quizzes, and fluency practice
  • Writing course with video lessons, mentor texts, and writing prompts
  • Oral Fluency course and conversational games
  • Hundreds of online books, including authentic literature and titles with content-area connections to science and social studies
  • Standards-based assessments with analytics and tracking tools
  • Complementary print components for in-class support including readers, worksheets, and manipulatives

Benefits for students, teachers, and administrators

  • Boost students’ literacy progress with scaffolded support for grade-level texts
  • Engage students with interactive games and unscripted conversations and activities
  • Meet individual student needs at all levels in Spanish and English
  • Connect assessment data with teacher and student resources
  • Access video lessons and practice activities for all domains
  • Provide comparable data to demonstrate accountability on student growth in English and Spanish
  • Implement one literacy assessment and instruction framework across languages to enable easy collaboration among teachers

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