Vista Level Spanish

Online, data-driven literacy solution Grades K–8

Vista Level Spanish is a teacher-led digital solution that identifies literacy gaps by continuously assessing and measuring each student’s gradual mastery of the standards, pinpointing actionable teaching points, and providing targeted instruction through phonics books and activities, authentic texts with audio, games, video lessons, and quizzes.

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What to expect with Vista Level Spanish

  • Meaningful literacy instruction through authentic literary and informational books at over 20 different complexity levels
  • Standards-based activities, assessments, games, and practice that address reading, listening, speaking, and writing
  • Full phonics program that offers a structured, syllabic instructional approach
  • Auto-graded assessments and quizzes to identify literacy gaps and track progress
  • Group-level and student-level reports to guide and support targeted & differentiated instruction

Benefits for students, teachers, and administrators

  • Engage students with books, interactive games, and unscripted conversations and activities
  • Identify students’ independent reading level with auto-graded assessments
  • Connect data directly into resources and reduce lesson prep time
  • Quickly access mini-lesson videos, worksheets, writing prompts and more
  • Identify overarching needs and close the gap
  • Set targets per grade or language pathway
  • Begin data-driven conversations with teachers and parents

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