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As tuition and living costs increase, students want more options as they search for course materials. Students also need a course that's flexible enough to complete an assignment any time, any place—and sometimes at the very last minute!

We're committed to providing great programs to students and instructors, along with the reliability and quality you need for a successful course, at a price that suits your needs.

Something for everyone

We believe that language learning should be within every student's reach, so we've created a range of solutions that combine affordability with flexibility.


Long-Term Access

Most instructors and students prefer multi-year access which is the greatest long-term value, accommodates scheduling changes or transfers between semesters, and can be used for reference after the course is complete.

OPEN 24/7

VHL Online Store

Students shopping at can save up to 20% over bookstore prices, get immediate access to the course, and free shipping.


Inclusive Access

Give your students a head start with the lowest price point: Inclusive Access allows open enrollment with the online tools students need to complete assignments on the first day of class.


Pay-As-You Go

One-term or multi-term access is available for select products, allowing students to purchase the duration needed to complete the course with optional extensions.

Over the past five years alone, students have saved approximately $20 million when purchasing through our store!