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Our language learning programs provide curated content, assignments, and activities for language skill development to move students toward proficiency, freeing up your time to focus on teaching.

Language learning is our singular focus

We create a wide variety of programs, resources, and materials—integrating print textbooks with advanced digital learning tools—all designed with the flexibility to meet the needs of a diversity of learners in your courses.

Language and culture become exciting and relevant for instructors and students with engaging film, video, and reading selections.


Market leader

A proven, trusted partner for language instructors and departments.


Published titles

Available for French, German, Italian, and Spanish.



Using our programs to help students learn languages.

Our commitment to value

Language learning should be within every student's reach, so we offer a range of solutions that combine affordability and flexibility.

Support for all learners

We strive to make our print and digital products and services accessible to all users.

Digital language learning

To effectively learn a new language, students need opportunities for meaningful practice—both inside and outside the classroom. Students interact with dynamic material online and complete individualized practice, so that they’re prepared to participate in conversations with instructors, classmates, and fluent speakers they encounter in their daily lives.

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