Your digital advantage

The best in digital language learning

Built exclusively for language learning by our dedicated in-house teams, the Supersite delivers the flexibility and support students need to learn and practice language and move toward proficiency.

Designed to make teaching easier

A variety of dynamic activity types, integrated video, and consistent language practice are just a few of the elements that put students on the path to proficiency.


Always innovating

Student learning never stops, and neither do we. As part of our commitment to language education, we are always thinking of ways to make teaching easier for you and learning more engaging for your students.

For educators

Time-saving tools

Always working, and always available for your course.

Course management

Rely on our platform for language learning support.

Enhanced support

We’re here when you need us—with technology support, webinars, and how-to videos.

For students

Plenty of practice

Thousands of program-specific practice activities engage and motivate students.

Engaging media

Shape the course to fit your instructional goals, and track student work in a centralized gradebook.

Safe and  accessible

Get the guidance you need to use our platform to its potential—with training on a variety of topics.

Integrates with your LMS

Through deep integrations with your institution’s Learning Management System (LMS), instructors and students can take advantage of single sign-on, deep-linking activities, and grade exchange capabilities.

Ready for today’s students

Through internal reviews, input from our users, and outside expert testing, we continuously seek to improve the usability and accessibility of our digital products.

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