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Innovating and elevating technology never stops at Vista Higher Learning. Explore the advances of the Supersite and Portales.

Technology Built for Language Courses

Our comprehensive digital platform includes integrated content, resources, and tools designed exclusively for language learning from user input and real-time data analysis.

Speech Recognition builds student confidence

Speech Recognition identifies student utterances in real-time and objectively determines whether a student knows the word—increasing student awareness of pronunciation and confidence when using the target language.

Interactive Grammar Tutorials

These activities provide students with an opportunity to build confidence and solidify understanding at their own pace. You can also assign the tutorials before class or as a review, after you have presented the material.


Communication Tools

Students want to be able to communicate with others in their new language. Partner Chat, Video Virtual Chat, and the new Group Chat help students lower their affective filter and practice the language.

Student Benefits

Developed specifically for language teaching and learning, our technology focuses on student outcomes.

Progress toward proficiency

Students can identify areas for improvement, and have the tools that engage and motivate them to proficiency.

Dynamic and engaging

Students are provided with a wealth of multimedia and activity types that appeal to all types of learners.


Because learning never stops, students can access their online course materials from their mobile devices in class or while completing their homework.


Assessment Builder

Search and import from thousands of questions in the new Question Bank, combine existing assessments, and randomize assessment delivery.

Gradebook Analytics

The Gradebook includes advanced analytics of how well your section or individual students are performing  overall and in the last two weeks. This insight helps you step in and provide guidance to improve student performance.


Instructor Benefits

Technology empowers language instructors with interactive resources, personalized learning, and effective communication tools, enhancing the overall language learning experience.

The industry standard for reliability

No other publisher has our record of 99.9% uptime so you won’t have to worry about site performance.

Easy to use, yet incredibly powerful

Create, import, and manage online homework assignments, quizzes, and tests.

Manage your course with real-time insight

Diagnostics provide unique insight into class and student performance.

Always Innovating

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