Transition to remote teaching and learning

The evolving situation with COVID-19 has caused a rapid shift to remote teaching and learning at many schools and colleges across the country, and we understand that many of you are being asked to quickly develop a plan so that your courses can accommodate this change.

Vista Higher Learning is here to help. We have all the support you need to get you and your students online, from on-demand webinars, to training documents and helpful videos.

"I want to thank Vista for offering the webinars last week. I attended four of them, and found them extremely useful. I recommend all my colleagues to watch them as I believe they were the best webinars on strategies for teaching online. Thank you."
Inma Pertusa, Professor, Western Kentucky University

“Thank you for your enthusiasm, insights and expertise as we work to support our learners!”
Nancy Murri, Teacher, Gypsum Creek Middle School

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