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  1. Experiencias Beginning, 2nd Edition
    Introductory Experiencias Beginning, 2nd Edition 2025 Beginning Spanish

    Experiencias is a research-informed and articulated program designed for beginning learners. With a learner-centered and task-focused approach, and an emphasis on communication, this program embraces the diversity of student experiences. Discover this new edition, featuring contemporary content to build intercultural competence. Engage in a rewarding and relevant learning journey with a wide variety of activities and cutting-edge online tools.

  2. Experiencias Intermediate, 2nd Edition
    Intermediate Experiencias Intermediate, 2nd Edition 2025 Intermediate Spanish

    Experiencias: Intermediate Spanish is a program developed to give students a collection of rich cultural experiences of the Spanish-speaking world from which they build their own multimodal cultural portfolio of engaging projects. Based on research in second language acquisition, metacognition, and student centered pedagogy, Experiencias takes a unique and fresh approach where students are empowered with strategies that encourage them to take charge of their own learning experience.

  3. Nuevos mundos, 4th Edition
    Heritage Nuevos mundos, 4th Edition 2025

    Nuevos mundos is an exciting program for Heritage Spanish speakers, revised to match Vista Higher Learning’s standards for student engagement and online learning. Nuevos mundos engages students with cultural and literary readings as well as video and audio that gets them excited about their shared background, culture, and home language of Spanish. Activities, both in print and on the Nuevos mundos Supersite, compel students to express themselves in Spanish by working in pairs and groups to discuss their identities, communities, life experiences, and everyday realities with their peers. Online Workbook activities review and develop students’ knowledge of standard written Spanish, allowing them to become stronger readers and writers of the language.

  4. Taller de escritores, 4th Edition
    Advanced Taller de escritores, 4th Edition 2025 Available fall 2024

    Taller de Escritores is an advanced grammar and composition program consisting of six lessons, each focusing on a specific writing style. Through authentic readings, language resources, and true writers' workshops, students will enhance their writing skills, improve grammar and vocabulary, and explore renowned Latin American and Spanish literature. Empower your students to unleash their writing potential with Taller de Escritores!

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