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  1. Conversaciones escritas, 3rd Edition
    Introductory Conversaciones escritas, 3rd Edition 2023 Lectura y redacción en contexto This textbook takes a fresh approach to writing for both second‐language learners and heritage speakers. It draws from best practices in native English language arts composition, second‐language writing, and heritage speaker pedagogy, resulting in a complete program that develops Spanish language proficiency, general academic writing, and knowledge of contemporary social issues.
  2. Repase y escriba, 7th Edition
    Advanced Repase y escriba, 7th Edition 2014 Curso avanzado de gramatica y composicion

    Written for advanced grammar and composition or advanced composition and conversation or Advanced Composition and Conversation classes, Repase y escriba combines solid grammar coverage with contemporary readings from a variety of sources, including literature, magazines, and newspapers. The units are organized by contemporary themes that are varied, current, and interesting.

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