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  1. Perspectivas
    Intermediate Perspectivas 2022 Intermediate Spanish | A Cultural Approach

    Introducing Perspectivas, a new intermediate Spanish program that offers a unique focus on the cultural perspectives of the Spanish-speaking world by embedding cultural products and practices into every aspect of instruction. Perspectivas teaches students to communicate inside and outside the classroom with competence and understanding in the target culture.

  2. Pura vida, 2nd Edition
    Introductory Pura vida, 2nd Edition 2020 Beginning Spanish

    Pura vida is an innovative program that teaches cultural literacy with a unique approach, encouraging students to discover language and culture through the experiences of real people. This discovery method leads students to think critically and make their own cross-cultural comparisons while, at the same time giving them a strong foundation in Spanish so they can use it in their everyday lives as true global citizens.

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